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Stock Aluminum Blinds

Starting at:  $15.97
• Mini blinds are a durable and easy-to-clean window covering solution
• Built-in valance gives rooms a sleek, modern look, and hidden route holes help control light
• Width can be trimmed for free while you shop, exclusively at Lowe's
• Available in 1 finish; fits windows 18"-72" wide and up to 72" tall
Details How to Measure How to Install How to Shorten

Stock Aluminum Blinds

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Cut to Width In Store For Free

LEVOLOR stock blinds and shades can be custom cut in store by an associate, so you can get a better fit, light control and privacy.

The Original

Aluminum Blinds, also called mini-blinds, have a century old legacy at LEVOLOR. As the original mini blind manufacturer, LEVOLOR offers a durable product with easy to clean slats. Hidden route holes makes this product a great choice for light control.


Hidden Route Holes


Standard Route Holes


Additional Features:

  • Cut to width while you shop
  • Built-in valance provides sleek, contemporary appearance
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Available Sizes:

  • Width: 17 in. to 72 in.
  • Height: up to 72 in.
  • Can be shortened at home

How to Measure

Measure For Inside Mounting

Measuring For Inside Mount Aluminum Blinds

Find Width

Measure exact distance to the nearest 1/8" between inside surfaces of window frame at the top, middle, and bottom, and use the narrowest width. Do not make any width deductions. For custom blinds, the factory will automatically make appropriate deductions; for Stock blinds, a 1/2" deduction will be taken on the entire blind.

Find Height

Measure exact distance to the nearest 1/8" from inside surface at top of window to sill at the left, middle and right and use the longest height. If you prefer blind not to touch sill, deduct 1/4". If there is no sill, measure height to the point where the shade reaches.


Measure For Outside Mounting

Measuring For Outside Mount Aluminum Blinds

Find Width:

Measure exact distance to the nearest 1/8" between the outermost points where the blind is to be placed. For optimal light control, this measurement should extend 3/4" beyond the window opening on each side (or 1-1/2" for the entire width).

Find Height

Measure exact distance to the nearest 1/8" from where top of the blind will be located to the top of sill. If there is no sill or if blind is to overlap window frame, measure to the point the shade reaches.

Allow Some Overlap
For outside mount applications allow the blind to overlap 1-1/2" to 3" on the sides, top and bottom of the window.

You must add the overlap to your measurement; LEVOLOR does not add width or height for overlap on Outside Mounted blinds.

How to Install Stock Aluminum Blinds


Before you begin your installation:

Read all installation instructions!

IMPORTANT: If bound, do not remove binding until the blinds are installed in the window.

  • Make sure that you have all tools and hardware needed for installation.
  • Check the installation surface (wall, ceiling, or window frame) to ensure that you have suitable fasteners and tools for the material.
  • Double check the headrail and blinds for proper width and length. If you are installing several sets of blinds, be sure to match them with the appropriate window.
  • Check the parts list shipped with the product to confirm that you have the correct number of brackets.

Inside Mount Installation Video


Outside Mount Installation Video


Parts List

Width Up to 37 in. 37 in. to 72 in.
A. Mounting Bracket 2 3
B. Bottomrail Endcap 2 2
C. Headrail Endcap 2 2
D. Hold-down Bracket 2 2
E. #5 Screw x 3/4 in. 4 4
F. #6 Screw x 1-1/4 in. 5 7

1. Tools You May Need (not included):

  • Tape Measure
  • Pencil
  • Flat-blade or Philips Head Screwdriver
  • Drill with 1/16 Bit

2. Unpacking the Parts

Remove these parts packed in the headrail. Quantity varies with blind size.


3. Bracket Placement

Pre-drill wood frame if necessary

Inside Mount

Outside Mount



4. Endcaps and Wand

Snap together where applicable.


5. Finishing Up

Tilt slats downward for maximum closure.

IF APPLICABLE: Hold-down brackets

Inside Mount

Outside Mount

LEVOLOR Aluminum Blinds Shortening Instructions


Read all installation instructions!

The following are instructions to shorten LEVOLOR Stock aluminum blinds.


Necessary Tools:

  • Scissors
  • Screwdriver
  • Tweezers or Pliers

Step 1

Install and lower the blind fully.

Step 2

Select the slat that is even with the window sill or slightly below it, this will become the new bottom slat of the blind.

Step 3

Pry all the plugs from the underside of the bottom rail

Step 4

Pull the excess lift cords through the bottom of the rail.

Cut the lift cord to remove the plugs; save the plugs for later.

Step 5

Slide the bottom rail out of the cords.

Cut all cords approx. 6 in. below your new bottom slat.

Step 6

Pull the lift cords free of the slats below.

Remove all the excess slats from below the new bottom slat.

Step 7

Insert the bottom rail between the ladder cords just below the new bottom slat.

Insert the lift cords back through the hole from the top of the rail.

Remove the pieces of lift cord from the plugs.

Insert the lift cords through the top of the plugs.

Slide the plugs to the bottom rail and tie a knot below them (for the moment, do not insert the plugs into the holes).

Step 8

Trim the excess ladder cords approximately 2 in. below the bottom rail.

Cut the connector cords on the ladder cords.

Trim away excess lift cord below the knot.

Step 9

Twist together the ladder cords and slide them into the hole in the bottom rail.

Insert the plugs, securing the ladder cords; make sure to secure the ladder cords in the plug notches.

Finally, install the bottom rail end caps onto the bottom rail.


Now enjoy your PERFECTLY sized blinds from LEVOLOR!