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How to Measure Wood Blinds and Faux Wood Blinds | lowes.levolor ...
Instructions for measuring wood and faux wood blinds for installation.

How to Measure Vertical Blinds |
For installations to the floor, deduct 1/2" from the shortest height for proper
clearance. Specifying outside mount measurement means the factory makes ...

Technical Specifications for Levolor Wood and Faux Wood Blinds ...
We recommend adding 1 " (3/4" clearance for each side) to cove r the widest
dimension of any obstruction such as moldings, window treatments including ...

How to Measure Vinyl Blinds |
Measure and specify the left shade first, continuing to the right. Factory will allow
a minimum of 1/2" between shades for operating clearance. The total width of ...

Technical Specifications for Levolor Natural Shades | lowes.levolor ...
The factory will automatically take an allowance of 1/4" off each shade for
clearance, unless you specify otherwise. To measure height, use standard inside

Roman Shades - Levolor - Window Blinds
What is the clearance above the headrail for a fabric valance? No clearance is
needed above the headrail. Note: You do not need any additional shims to mount

How to Measure Panel Track Shades |
... opening or window frame. For installations to the floor, deduct 1/2" for proper
clearance. Specifying OM measurement means the factory makes no allowances.

Levolor - Window Blinds, Shades, Drapes, & Drapery Hardware ...
Official Levolor manufacturer website for window blinds, shades, window
treatments, draperies, and drapery hardware. Order free samples online.

How to Measure Levolor Perceptions™ Room Darkening Sheers ...
For ceiling-to-floor installations, deduct 1/2" for proper clearance. Specifying
Outside Mount measurement means the factory makes no allowances.

configuration for Real Wood & Faux Wood Blinds |
Window blinds and shades can be installed inside or outside a door or window
frame. Please indicate where you want to install the product. # learn more ...

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