Metal Blinds
Available Product Types
Custom Order X
CustomSizeNow X
Basic Comparisons
Relative Cost $
Suggested Cleaning / Care Twice per year
Installation Process Simple
Relative Weight Medium
Depth required for inside mount (installation within the window frame) 1/2"
Available Width 4-1/2" to 142"
Available Height 6" to 126"
Colors Available 55
Decor / Style Suggestions
Contemporary Decor X
Country Decor X
Traditional Decor
Eastern / Asian Decor
Retro Decor X
Ultra-Modern Decor X
Lavish / Luxurious Decor
Application Suggestions
Humid Areas (kitchens, bathrooms, etc)
High heat climates X
Recommended for child / pet safety (cordless control available) X
Recommended for use as a room divider
Recommended for maximum room darkening effect
Special Features or Options Available
Light Control/Privacy eliminates rude awakenings! Privacy and LightMasterâ„¢ options available to block up to 99% of light. X
Cordless Control for a clean, uncluttered, cord-free appearance plus added safety for children and pets X
Continuous Cordloop replaces dangling cords with a single looped cord
Day / Night option for the light-control flexibility of having a room-darkening and a sheer fabric together on a single blind
Top Down / Bottom Up option for superb light and privacy control
PVC or Faux Materials available for maximum humidity and heat resistance
Decorative Tapes adding a touch of contrasting or complimenting color aligned vertically on the face of the blind
Decorative Scallops or Hems to add customized style, texture, and color to a shade
Valance Style Options allowing customized design, color, or profiles at the top of a blind
Drapery-like Appearance similar to the soft folds of a fabric drapery but offering the added light control function of a blind
Edge Binding
Add a decorative and protective frame of additional fabric around the core material of your shade.

Available in extra wide sizes (over 12 feet wide) for special applications such as window walls.
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