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  1. Custom Accordia™ Cellular Shades

    Custom Accordia™ Cellular Shades

    Starting at: $106.00 $80.00

    Total Savings: -$26.00 25% off (Offer ends on 08/02/2017)

      • Soft honeycomb-style fabric shades are available in an exceptional range of fabrics, textures, and colors • Helps reduce your annual energy bill up to 17%* • Softly filters or blocks light and adds beauty to your home • Available in 180 colors; fits windows 6"-144" wide and 6"-144" tall *Savings of 17% are an estimate based on simulated use of particular windows in ten largest metro areas by climate region using RESFEN 6 software.
  2. Stock Cordless Cellular Shades

    Stock Cordless Cellular Shades

    Starting at:  $36.97
      • Energy-efficient cells block air flow and insulate your home in winter and summer • Stylish fabrics are versatile, and create a soft and timeless look • Easy-lift cordless design gives windows a clean look, and is ideal for homes with children and pets • Width can be trimmed for free while you shop, exclusively at Lowe's • Available in 4 finishes; fits windows 18"-72" wide and up to 72" tall