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Save on Energy Costs This Winter

When the thermometer starts to drop, energy efficient LEVOLOR® Accordia™ Cellular Shades can reduce your heating bills and help keep your home warmer and more comfortable. Windows may be a leading source of heat loss, but if you choose the right shades, you can add insulation, help block cold air, and ultimately save money on your energy bill ... up to 17%*.

If you're considering replacing your existing blinds or shades with LEVOLOR Accordia Cellular Shades, you'll want to know how it works, and how the increased efficiency is measured. Two things to consider for wintertime savings are R-Value and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient:

  • R-Value refers to the shade's ability to block out temperature differences, such as cold air outside in the winter. A higher R-Value indicates a better insulating shade.
  • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) is a measure of how much solar energy passes into your home. During the winter, a higher SHGC is advantageous because it allows the sun to heat the room.

Both of these factors are used to calculate how much you'll save on your heating costs. Click here to see a complete breakdown of how different Accordia Cellular fabrics and collection perform.

Two of our more popular styles, Sheer Efficiency™ with Energy Shield™ and Designer Textures with Energy Shield™, are perfect solutions with a smart blend of R-Value and SHGC especially suited for colder climates. These shades will let the warmth of the sun help heat your home and also work as a barrier to keep internal air from escaping through windows.

Ready to fight winter's chill? Click here to view our complete collection, and experience our full range of beautiful colors and exclusive woven fabric styles.

*Savings of 17% are an estimate based on simulated use of particular windows in ten largest metro areas by climate region using RESFEN 6 software.