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Reinvest in Your Home

Shown: Custom Premium Real Wood 2-in. Blinds in White White

Are you anticipating an income tax refund this year? Millions of Americans are, and with the average 2014 refund totaling over $3000, it can be a sizable and welcome sum of money. But before you cash that check and plan a beach vacation, financial experts recommend making time for strategic planning. This year, reinvest your refund and add beauty and value to your home with LEVOLOR® Custom Blinds & Shades.

Studies show that home improvement projects can potentially add value as well as make homes more attractive to buyers when it's time to sell. It makes good financial sense to put your tax refund right back into what's most likely your biggest investment - your home.

LEVOLOR blinds and shades can add value, beauty and functionality to your home, enhancing and defining your personal style. In addition, blinds and shades offer an extensive array of practical benefits: managing light, providing privacy, protecting your furniture and rugs from UV rays and increasing your sense of security. LEVOLOR Accordia™ Cellular Shades can even add energy-saving insulation.

This tax season, consider keeping your tax refund at home, adding gorgeous custom window treatments you'll use and enjoy for many years to come. From stunning real wood blinds to warm and inviting natural shades, LEVOLOR has an array of options that will fit beautifully in your home. See the complete LEVOLOR Custom Blinds and Shades collection.